Born and raised the eldest son of a farmer in                                  Minnesota - I may still know more about "milking                           cows & castrating pigs" than most other things.                             My mother did not want her son to be a farmer                              and insisted that I go to Luther College at                                        Decorah,  Iowa as a "pre-seminary" student.  A sports accident in my junior year caused an education delay and subsequent call to duty during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Having started as an Army Private, then selected for Infantry Officer Candidate School, I became a 2nd Lieutenant in 1962.  I was sent to Airborne and Ranger training, followed by helicopter flight training, (over 10,000 pilot hours).  By this time, the Viet Nam War was making its indelible mark on the America.  Thirty plus years later I retired as a Major General (Two Star) having command assignments at each rank with intense, extensive duties at the Pentagon and numerous other major organizations of the Department of Defense.

My next 20 year career was in the U.S. Defense Industry with companies such as LORAL, Martin Marietta, RAYTHEON, and CUBIC DEFENSE. Work for these organizations was focused on executive level positions of organizational maturity and sustainment, technology development and program management and nation building in the former Eastern Bloc .  

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                           Born in Chicago and raised in the Midwest I                                    moved to New York City and spent my early work                            life in small business management. Ten years                                  later I moved to Kansas City closer to my                                        amazing family where I worked in publishing,                                  strategic marketing (Kansas City Business Journal) and public relations (Corp. Communications Group, LLC). In the same period, I was also committed single-mom establishing the great framework of my son Bart. He recently married, runs a successful business from the Historic Financial District in NYC and is planning a move and expansion to Dallas, Texas in early 2015.

What Wayne forgot to mention is that he has three beautiful daughters and those who know him well think..."He works too hard, thinks too much and how does he know so much?"

What we seek to provide in NEW VIKING GROUP is a preferred organization for Accredited Investors to sustain or initiate diversification in Emerging Market Real Estate. Whether you are new to real estate and are investing to recoup other losses or it is an ongoing part of your plan, we will work to provide you a safe, secure and satisfactory experience. You can rest assured that we will treat your confidence in us as a vital asset. 

While we retired from industrial life establishing a home in Scottsdale, Arizona our intent has always been to have our own Real Estate Company doing something we both enjoy - and know something about.  To complement our prevailing awareness, we have and continue to invest many hours and dollars educating ourselves to learn and experience all we can about current emerging markets in our segment - multi-family. We work full-time making successful new connections and broadening our resources by establishing relationships with commercial real estate professionals, equity groups and other private investors.  

Lisa & Wayne Knudson

New Viking Group, LLC